A floristic inventory of vascular plant taxa of three wetlands known locally as bogs on Crowley's Ridge in Greene and Clay counties was conducted from August 1979 to July 1981. Total combined area of the three sites was 9.2 ha with a range from 2.3 ha to 4.3 ha. Overall 360 taxa representing 227 genera and 92 families were collected from the bogs and surrounding upland forest and identified. Plant taxa from bog sites ranged from 81 to 89 species with 35 species collected from all 3 bogs and 26 found in 2 of the 3 sites. Among the taxa identified, twelve are of concern in Arkansas and their occurrence is being tracked by the Arkansas Natural Heritage Program. Those include Carex bromoides (S2), C. gracillima (SI), C. hvstericina (S4), C. normalis (S?), C. scoparia (S 1), C. stricta (SI,S3), C. swanii(S3), Dulichium arundinaceum (S2,S3), Chelone glabra (SI), Gentiana saponaria (S2), Ilex verticillata (S2), and Magnolia macrophylla (SI).

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