A revised list of of Arkansas terrestrial mollusks is presented, based on the authors' collections, incorporating data from the scientific literature and taking into account recent changes in taxonomy and species concepts. 144 species are recorded for Arkansas, of which 127 represent the autochthonous fauna of the state. The biogeographical position of Arkansas is reflected in its land mollusks, i.e., approximately 40% of Arkansas species are also widely distributed in the United States east of the Rocky Mountains, 12% are more widely distributed to the north, 11% are typical of the Gulf Coastal Plain, 14% form a "Mid Western" assemblage and 18% are endemic to the Ouachita-Ozark regions of Arkansas, Oklahoma and Missouri. The remaining 5% are species for which the geographic distribution is unclear. Diversity of Arkansas land mollusks is apparently due to the conjunction of these geographical zones within the state. Taxonomic problems exist for the genera Mesomphix and Paravitrea (family Zonitidae) and Succinea (family Succineidae) in Arkansas

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