The fern flora of Arkansas consists of 96 taxa, including five species and three hybrids of the Log Fern genus Dryopteri This report summarizes a twenty year floristic and ecologic study of their distribution and abundance in Arkansas. Historica data are presented to review the slow accumulation of taxa reported in floras of Arkansas from early collectors to 1980 and the rapid accumulation of taxa since 1980 employing modern field techniques. Chorological data and floristic data are presented based on field, herbarium, and literature studies to correct the record and document the known localities of the eight Arkansas taxa: Dryopteris carthusiana at three localities in three counties; Dryopteris celsa at 23 localities in five counties; Dryopteris goldiana at one locality in one county; Dryopteris ludoviciana at one locality in one county; Dryopteris marginalis at numerous localities in 38 counties; Dryopteris Xaustralis at nine localities in four counties; Dryopteris Xleedsii at two localities in two counties; Dryopteri celsa Xgoldiana at one locality in one county. Floristic data are presented to exclude from the state flora two species and two hybrids of the genus Dryopteris: D. cristata, D.intermedia, D.Xneo-wherryi, and D. Xseparabilis. Arkansas has more localities and county occurrences of Dryopteris Xaustralis than any state in the hybrid's range. One locality inBaxter Co. supports a genu community of Dryopteris comprised of three species and three hybrids.

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