Ophiogomphus westfalli is endemic to the Interior Highlands (Ozark Plateaus and Ouachita Mountains), in Missouri, Arkansas and southeastern Kansas. First described in 1985, its life history is still little known. Prior to 1997, this species was known from only six sites in Missouri and 10 in Arkansas. From late May through late July in both 1999 and 2000 we surveyed 49 sites, three of them twice each, on Missouri Ozark streams inorder to further clarify the distribution and relative abundance of this dragonfly. Adults, nymphs and/or exuviae were found at 23 sites. Literature and museum searches bring to 72 locations in Missouri and 10 in Arkansas where this species has been found. Small to moderate-sized populations, restricted to the Interior Highlands, are known from at least 82 locations. Therefore, it is recommended that its global and Missouri rankings be changed from G2 and S2 to G3 and S3, respectively. Distribution and abundance of this species needs further study in Arkansas.

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