As part of an on-going effort by the second author (RMS) to elucidate the North American diplopod fauna, we collected millipeds in 14 Arkansas counties between April 2002 and October 2003. Additional information for these species is recorded from the holdings at the University of Arkansas Arthropod Museum along with unpublished records from other institutions in the second author's files. The following species were identified: Abacion tesselatum, A. texense, Aliulus caddoensis, Apheloria virginiensis ?reducta, Auturus evides, A. louisianus louisianus, Brachycybe lecontei, Brachyiulus lusitanus, B.pusillus, Cambala minor, Desmonus pudicus, Eurymerodesmus birdibirdi, E. polkensis, E. pulaski, E. serratus, Narceus americanus, Oriulus venustus, Oxidis gracilis, Pseudopolydesmus pinetorum, P. serratus, and Virgoiulus minutus. A different and potentially new species of Pseudopolydesmus was collected in the entrance to Searcy Cave, Independence County. Three new state and 68 new county records are documented.

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