The Arkansas Post National Memorial (ARPO) is a unique historical landmark with an interesting herpetofaunal community. We conducted an amphibian and reptile inventory of this national park from 2000-2002. We found eight amphibian and 21 reptilian species inhabiting the park. These included eight species not previously identified at ARPO. Overall species richness was highest at Alligator Slough, although the northern portion of ARPO was relatively rich. Aquatic trophic guilds included 7 (36.8%) piscivores, 7 (36.8%) omnivores, 4 (21.1%) insectivores, and one (5.3%) carnivore. The terrestrial trophic guilds included 13 (76.5%) insectivores, 2 (11.8%) carnivores, and 1 (5.9%) each of omnivores and generalized carnivores. We provide a species list, analysis of the distributions, diversity relationships and the trophic guilds present at ARPO, including management recommendations for the conservation of the herpetofauna community at ARPO.

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