The terrestrial true bug (Hemipterar: Heteroptera) fauna of Arkansas is poorly represented in the literature. Between 1998 and 2004, we retained Hemiptera specimens collected while conducting a few scattered entomological projects. Ninety-nine species of terrestrial Hemiptera, representing 15 families, were collected from various locations within 9 Arkansas counties. Of these 99 species, 54 are new state records for Arkansas. The majority of these 54 new state records are of common, widespread species that would be expected for Arkansas. Twenty-two of the 54 species have been reported for at least 4 states bordering Arkansas, whereas only 5 species (all Miridae) were not previously reported for any bordering state. Our specimens of Pycnoderes convexicollis (Blatchley, 1926) represent a fairly significant range extension for this species, previously known only from Indiana and Illinois.

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