The genus Aphonopelma (Theraphosidae) is marked by a dearth of distributional data and a problematic taxonomy. To develop occurrence information for the genus in Arkansas, I conducted a citizen-science based survey augmented by field work and examination of museum collections. Results of these efforts yielded a significant amount of data that enabled the construction of a county level map of Aphonopelma distribution in Arkansas; a resource hitherto unavailable. Three Aphonopelma species have been described as occurring in Arkansas: A. baergi, A. hentzi, and A. odelli. Specimens were collected from Arkansas and Oklahoma to evaluate taxonomic and historical issues concerning the three species. Morphologically, the specimen series examined comprised a relatively homogeneous group most similar to descriptions of A. hentzi. In light of comparison with specimens examined for this study, species descriptions of A. baergi and A. odelli are marked by such taxonomic uncertainty as to challenge their validity and presence in Arkansas.

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