The aquatic Hemiptera of Arkansas are fairly well documented (see Chordas et al. 2005), but the terrestrial bugs are less well known. Recent projects and publications have begun to address this deficiency. Including the 6 reported herein, there have been 64 Hemiptera species newly recorded for Arkansas between 2005 and 2009 (Chordas et al. 2005, Chordas and Kovarik 2008a, Chordas and Kovarik 2008b). The second author is an invertebrate enthusiast who maintains a large personal collection. The content of this collection is primarily an accumulation of invertebrates captured on or around his property in Clarksville (Johnson County) Arkansas (Figure 1). Identification of the Hemiptera from this “backyard bug collection” revealed 6 species (in 4 Hemiptera families) that are new state records for Arkansas. These 6 include: 2 Coreidae (Leaf-footed bugs), Acanthocephala declivis (Say, 1832) and Piezogaster calcarator (Fabricius, 1803); 1 Largidae (Largid bugs), Largus succinctus (Linnaeus, 1763); 2 Lygaeidae (Seed bugs), Lygaeus kalmii angustomarginatus Parshley, 1919 and Neacoryphus bicrucis (Say, 1825) and 1 Reduviidae (Assassin bugs), Sirthenea stria carinata (Fabricius, 1798). Of note, our record of L. succinctus is the first Arkansas record for this hemipteran family.

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