Orconectes neglectus chaenodactylus, the gapped ringed crayfish, is an uncommon and poorly-known, stream-dwelling crayfish that is endemic to the central White River basin of Arkansas and Missouri. This study surveyed a semi-random selection of stream sites in the Arkansas portion of this range in order to characterize the crayfish communities and evaluate the status of O. n. chaenodactylus in Arkansas. Collections of a total of 1,107 individual crayfish specimens were made at 45 sites, including 497 O. n. chaenodactylus from 21 sites. Orconectes punctimanus was the crayfish species most commonly associated with O. n. chaenodactylus, occurring at 71% of sites occupied by O. n. chaenodactylus. Orconectes n. chaenodactylus was found in streams not significantly different from the median characteristics of streams sampled in the study. It is our opinion that O. n. chaenodactylus is uncommon in Arkansas, and of only moderate concern due to its limited distribution in the state.

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