The Arkansas Darter, Etheostoma cragini, has an extremely limited distribution in Arkansas and is designated as a candidate for listing under the federal Endangered Species Act. It was first documented in the state in 1979 in Wilson Spring near Fayetteville. Between 1979 and 1985 it was collected in 4 additional headwater streams in Benton and Washington counties. A 1997 study documented the persistence of the species in 3 of the 5 historic streams, but 1 stream yielded only a single individual. A 2004-2005 study reassessed the status of the 5 historically known populations and searched broadly for new populations, documenting E. cragini at 15 sites, all within a 2-km radius of historic sites. In 2010-2011, more concentrated sampling efforts were made in the subbasins with prior records of the species. These efforts documented populations at 13 additional sites, greatly improving the resolution of the distribution of this species within Arkansas.

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