The spothanded crayfish, Orconectes (Procericambarus) punctimanus (Creaser), is an endemic crayfish of the Interior Highlands (Ozark Plateau) of Arkansas and Missouri. Fieldwork within the Arkansas portion of its overall distribution from 1999–2012 and a search of museum and literature records revealed a state distribution of 11 counties in northern Arkansas. Eighty-two collections of this crayfish were made from the White River system in 9 counties, including Baxter, Fulton, Independence, Izard, Lawrence, Marion, Randolph, Sharp, and Stone. Two additional counties, Clay and Searcy, are also added to the distribution of O. punctimanus from museum and literature records. This crayfish inhabits areas under rocks and rubble in clear streams and is found primarily in pool regions. Form I males were found mainly in September and October. We document additional new localities for O. punctimanus as well as provide a summation of all known localities for the species in Arkansas. In addition, various aspects of the biology of O. punctimanus are discussed. Based on our recent collections, we recommend a conservation status of “Currently Stable” (CS) for O. punctimanus in Arkansas.

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