Restrained Shrinkage of Geopolymer Concrete and Shrinkage Prediction Model for GPC


The research presented in this manuscript describes the procedure to quantify the restrained shrinkage of geopolymer concrete (GPC) using ring specimen. Massive concrete structures are susceptible to shrinkage and thermal cracking. This cracking can increase the concrete permeability and decrease the strength and design life. This test is comprised of evaluating geopolymer concrete of six different mix designs including different activator solution to fly ash ratio and subjected to both restrained and free shrinkage. Test results obtained from this experimental setup was plotted along with the available empirical equation to observe the shrinkage strain of GPC and a model was suggested to predict the shrinkage strain of GPC. It was found from this study that along with activator solution to fly ash ratio the final compressive strength of GPC plays an important role on shrinkage strain