Crayfish; Crustacea; Decapoda; Endangered Species; Arkansas; Cambaridae


Prior to the present study, 56 species with 3 additional subspecies for a total of 59 different taxa of crayfishes were recognized from Arkansas. We add a single species (Carmel Crayfish, Fallicambarus schusteri) to that list, subtract a documented synonym (Procambarus ferrugenius = Procambarus liberorum), update the classification to better reflect recent phylogenetic insights, and provide an updated annotated checklist of the 59 crayfish taxa of presently known from the state. There are 8 endemic species in Arkansas, including the Bayou Bodcau Crayfish (Bouchardina robisoni), Boston Mountains Crayfish (Cambarus causeyi), Hell Creek Cave Crayfish (C. zophonastes), Jefferson County Crayfish (Creaserinus gilpini), Ouachita Burrowing Crayfish (Fallicambarus harpi), Slenderwrist Burrowing Crayfish (F. petilicarpus), Saline Burrowing Crayfish (F. strawni), and Redspotted Stream Crayfish (Faxonius acares). There are also 2 federally endangered species, the Benton County Cave Crayfish (Cambarus aculabrum) and the Hell Creek Cave Crayfish (C. zophonastes) that inhabit Arkansas karst habitat. We expect that additional species will be included in the list with further DNA analyses.