Cambarellus puer, Cambarellus shufeldtii, crayfish, Decapoda, Arkansas, ecology


The dwarf crayfishes of the genus Cambarellus are represented in Arkansas by only 2 species: Cambarellus (Pandicambarus) puer (Hobbs) and C. (P.) shufeldtii (Faxon). Both species are quite small and uncommonly encountered in the state. Between 1972 and 2018, we made 368 crayfish collections throughout the 75 counties of Arkansas. A total of 34 collections (our collections, plus museum specimens), and those previously collected by Reimer (1963) yielded a total of 304 specimens of C. puer and 12 collections of C. shufeldtii returned 54 specimens of C. shufeldtiii. Herein, we document these 2 dwarf crayfishes from primarily the Coastal Plain and Mississippi Alluvial Plain physiographic provinces of Arkansas. Cambarellus puer is documented from 24 counties whereas C. shufeldtii was recorded from only 12 counties. With regard to conservation status, both C. puer and C. shufeldtii should be considered as “Currently Stable” due to their widespread distribution and general abundance in Arkansas.

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