The Journal of Research on the College President is a peer-reviewed, annual publication devoted to academic research on all aspects of the college presidency.

Published online each December, the journal strives to expand the understanding of the changing role of the college presidency, especially considering the multiple demands placed on the leadership position.

The journal is interested in all types of college presidencies, ranging from for-profit leadership and community and technical college presidents to presidential leadership at even the most prestigious research universities. Further, the journal is interested in nomenclature of institutional leadership, and is interested in manuscripts that differentiate between presidential titled positions and those using “chancellor” titles.

The journal defines “the college president” as encompassing all aspects of college leadership.

Current Volume: Volume 5 (2021)



Preparation for College and University Leadership before the Age of 40
Ahmed Al-Asfour, Julia Keleher, and Sydney Freeman Jr.


A Critical Examination of Contemporary Legal Issues Important to College Presidents
Arleene Breaux, Jennifer M. Miles, John W. Murry Jr., and G. David Gearhart



Editor's Remarks
G. David Gearhart