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Master of Arts in Communication (MA)

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Ron Warren

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Robert Wicks

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Dennis Beck


Communication and the arts; Education; Digital literacy; Educational technology; Innovation; Media literacy; Secondary education; Twenty-first century literacy


We all have high hopes for our educational system. As they stress the need for 21st century learning, governments recognize the importance of innovation and creativity in schools and invest resources to develop learning environments that foster these qualities. This thesis adapts Crosling, Nair, and Vaithilingam’s (2015) model to provide a framework for studying factors that contribute to a creative learning ecosystem (intellectual capital development, 21st century literacies, climate for innovation, and integrity of the system), the quality of the educational system, and the system’s innovation capacity. A survey of 126 Arkansas high school teachers, indicates that two variables, student’s global literacy skills and integrity of the system, are seen as positive influences on Arkansas public schools innovation capacity and that the quality of the educational system moderates those relationships.