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Arkansas, alternative crop, profitability, stability, family farm, small-size farm, medium-size farm


The University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture received a grant from the National Research Initiative (NRI), CSREES USDA. The purpose was to help small- and medium-sized farmers and entrepreneurs enhance the viability of their farms through the establishment of vineyards, on-farm wineries, and production of value-added products from grapes and grape by-products. This publication looks at efforts by the UA Grape and Wine Research Program to enhance the profitability of muscadine grapes. Included are discussions of research designed to develop the market potential of muscadines as fresh fruit and as value-added products such as juice, wine, sweet spreads, vinegar, and dried products. The skin and seeds of muscadines have traditionally been considered waste; however, recent research has shown that they contain nutraceutical components. Reports are included of research to quantify these nutraceuticals and to develop products containing them.

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