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cost information, growers, wineries, processors, economic situation, climate conditions


Production budgets are presented for wine and juice grapes suitable for cultivation in Arkansas. Varieties examined include V. labruscana, French-American and American hybrids, V. aestivalis, V. rotundifolia, and V. vinifera. Important production considerations specific to each of these varieties are summarized. Results indicate considerable variation in profit potential among varieties. However, one or more varieties can be profitably grown in most regions of the state. With the exception of Sunbelt, V. labruscana varieties showed the least profitability. V. rotundifolia (muscadine) varieties hold promise as a new crop for the warmer southern regions of Arkansas, while Chambourcin shows strong profit potential as a red wine grape in parts of the state with more temperate climates. Other promising varieties include Chardonel, Traminette, and Cynthiana. V. vinifera varieties also show strong profit potential, but are limited by their intense management requirements and can only be grown on the best sites.

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