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Corn, grain sorghum, Arkansas


Corn and grain sorghum performance tests are conducted each year in Arkansas by the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture. The tests provide information to companies marketing seed within the state and aid the Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service in formulating recommendations for producers. The 2021 corn performance tests contained 70 hybrids and were conducted at the Northeast Research and Extension Center (NEREC) at Keiser, the Lon Mann Cotton Research Station (LMCRS) near Marianna, the Bell Farming Company (BFC) near Des Arc, the Rohwer Research Station (RRS) near Rohwer, and the Rice Research and Extension Center (RREC) near Stuttgart. The 2021 grain sorghum performance tests contained 17 hybrids and were conducted at the NEREC, the LMCRS, the RRS, and the RREC locations. Test location maps for grain sorghum and corn can be found on page 40 and inside the back cover, respectively.

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