Fred Bourland

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Arkansas, cotton, planting, fruiting, harvesting, crop yield, crop quality, pest management


The current economic environment continues to drive the need to produce record or near-record yields to be profitable. Price volatility in 2022 added another level of difficulty in the quest for being profitable. The cotton market saw significant movement after reaching a $1.5802 per pound high in May 2022, cotton prices corrected and more than halved in value at the October 2022 low, and then consolidated around the 80 cents per pound level in December 2022 (Cotton is Consolidating). Great uncertainties still exist for the upcoming season, most of which are outside of our control. These include, but are not limited to, weather extremes, inflation, supply chain disruptions, rising interest rates, and a strengthening U.S. dollar. Most economists recommend using a price range of 72 to 78 cents per pound for planning and budgeting projections for 2023. We must continue to focus on things we can control and hope for a little luck and help from Mother Nature. The art and science related to production agriculture continue to be as much art as it is science.

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