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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration




Smith, Ronn

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Cole, John


Understanding the changing values and beliefs of consumers is crucial to surviving and flourishing as a retailer, supplier, or manufacturer today. It is important for businesses to adjust their focuses and strategies to meet the needs and wants of the current consumer. New generations of consumers create different trends, shopping behaviors, and concerns. Today, the shop local initiative is growing. With this in mind, I seek to determine the reasons why consumers shop locally and how millennials respond to the initiative. The goal of this research is to determine the extent to which millennials’ values align with the shop local initiative and if businesses should change their methods and strategies when it comes to shopping local. With this goal in mind, my research examines three themes: (1) local stores and big box retailers, (2) retail shopping, and (3) the millennial generation and values.


market research, search engine optimization, consumerism, millenials

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