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Bachelor of Science in International Business

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Contreras, Rogelio


This thesis is a comparative study of refugee advocacy organizations in Ireland and in the United States. The goal is to research and study some of the best practices that refugee support organizations utilize and report how these two countries address the ever-growing refugee crisis. This study assesses the applications and operations in both organizations and determines how these practices contribute to the fulfillment of their missions. This better understanding of the strengths and struggles experienced by these organizations will support the development of a model and framework for successful social welfare initiatives. Within this thesis, the social initiatives in Ireland and the United States are compared, and the political and social factors are assessed. Political, social, and economic factors can have a huge impact on the success of a social initiative. These factors greatly effect these organizations and their ability to impact the refugees they work with and subsequently achieve their goals.

While The United States and Ireland seem to be similar in many political and social aspects, there are certainly many differences between the two countries. These differences have a large impact on the domestic and global affairs within each country. By assessing the social values and political trends within the two countries, this thesis contributes to a better understanding of how political and social factors influence social welfare.


Refugee, Ireland, United States, Advocacy, Asylum, Organization, Politics, Economics