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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration




Britton, Charles R

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Deck, Kathy


Before economic reform, the Chinese economy experienced a long period of recession. The creation of Open Door Policy re-introduced globalization to China, modernized the country’s economy, and boosted citizens’ standards of living, especially for people who live in the Special Economic Zone and Tier 1 cities. As globalization re-emerged, extreme income inequality became one of the hottest topics. Prior research leads to the hypothesis that re-introduction of globalization led by the Open Door Policy increased income inequality in China. While international inequality focuses on the unequal distribution on a global scale, domestic income inequality is defined as the how material resources are distributed across society, households, and individuals. This paper will focus on income distribution and income inequality in China across individuals and households, and the correlation between income inequality and economic growth.


China, income inequality, globalization, income distribution