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Bachelor of Science in Agricultural, Food and Life Sciences

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Agricultural Education, Communications and Technology


Miller, Jefferson

Committee Member/Reader

Rucker, Jill

Committee Member/Second Reader

Cox, Casandra


The purpose of this study was to determine the perceptions of professionals, faculty, and students regarding the implementation of an agricultural communications degree program in the United Kingdom. It aimed to gather detailed opinions to aid in the planning of future agricultural communications disciplines. This study used a qualitative approach in the form of interviews. Interviews were designed to gain in-depth opinions on four different research objectives. Subjects were pooled from three different subject groups: Professionals, faculty, and students. Subjects expressed that writing and journalistic skills were extremely important for agricultural communications graduates to possess. Interpersonal skills were also useful. A generalized knowledge of agriculture is preferred. The study found that placements would be a beneficial addition to a potential program, and they could look different depending on the needs of the student. It also found that the program would fit well into a bachelor’s or master’s program or a single module (course) being integrated into an already existing program could be useful in garnering interest. Recommendations of the study focused on the layout of the potential degree program. They also focused on conducting further research on placements and the impact an agricultural communications degree program could have on females in agriculture.


Communications, Agriculture, Program, Discipline, United Kingdom, Journalism