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Bachelor of Science in Agricultural, Food and Life Sciences

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Agricultural Education, Communications and Technology


Rucker, Jill

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Cox, Cassandra

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Estes, Hannah


No research currently exists on a leadership development program for secondary students that features project-based learning and connection with change agents. This project seeks to create a program that lives in that gap – informing a new generation with a modern method of leadership instruction. Through a one day conference, participating students should experience personal and professional growth. Not only will they grow in their communication, motivation, and managerial skills – but they will also put together a plan of action for when the conference concludes. Students will use this plan to address an issue in their city, county, or state – putting their new founded leadership abilities to use. The hope exists that this project will create a more modern, new method of leadership instruction for the Generation Z audience.


Leadership Development, Project-based learning leadership, change agents, community leadership development