Arkansas courts, Rules of Appellate Procedure, Arkansas Supreme Court, diligence requirement, case status, appellate deadlines, order notice


A series of Arkansas appellate decisions addresses a recurring issue—the entry of a final order without notice to one or more litigants. Appellate deadlines run from the date of entry of a final order, so the lack of notice typically results in the inability to perfect an appeal, as a party unaware of the entry of a final order is unlikely to timely perfect an appeal. This troublesome issue has arisen in Arkansas with sufficient frequency to merit a specific provision in the Arkansas Rules of Appellate Procedure—Civil.4 If a party can satisfy its requirements, Rule 4(b)(3) of the Arkansas Rules of Appellate Procedure—Civil permits an attorney or litigant who did not receive notice of a judgment, decree, or order from which an appeal is sought to obtain an extension of time to file a belated notice of appeal.