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Bachelor of Science in Human Environmental Sciences

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Apparel Merchandising and Product Development


Laurie, Apple

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Cheramie, Lance

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Southward, Leigh


The purpose of this study is to determine if brand or price affects the quality perception of the consumer. The research examined what consumers look for when evaluating quality of a garment. Previous studies have shown that consumer expectations of quality in a garment is inconclusive. Research objectives that guided the study were:

- Does brand contribute to the consumers perception of quality?

- Does price contribute to the consumers perception of quality?

This study is a quantitative study using a digital survey and questionnaire looking into fabric, construction, and aesthetics of the leggings. This study involved human subjects; therefore, the Institution Review Board approval was received before research began. Three leggings were chosen to be analyzed by the participants at three different price points with a similar aesthetic look. The leggings were given a letter to keep the brand names unidentified. A = Brand 1 retailing for $14.96, B = Brand 2 retailing for $128, and C = Brand 3 retailing for $98.

There were three different experimental groups. The first group knew both the price and the brand of the leggings. The second experimental group knew the brand of the leggings, with the price left unknown. The third experimental group did not know the price or the brand of the three different leggings.

After analyzing the data from the three different consumer groups, it was found that overall, none of the data from the experimental groups was statistically significant to claim that the three leggings were different in terms of fabric, construction, or aesthetics. None of the leggings were statistically proven different. From this survey, the conclusion is that brand and price do not influence the consumers decision on ladies’ leggings.


leggings, apparel brand, perception of quality