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Bachelor of Science in Human Environmental Sciences

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Apparel Merchandising and Product Development


Cheramie, Lance

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Wood, Lisa

Committee Member/Second Reader

Hubert, Stephanie


The University of Arkansas' Apparel Merchandising and Product Development program does not currently offer a course on sustainability in the apparel and textile sector. Due to a lack of sustainability information, students may not have a thorough understanding of their degree. If students had the opportunity to learn about current sustainability-related topics before entering the workforce, they would have a new perspective and a deeper understanding of the industry, allowing them to potentially make good change.

By elaborating on the need for an apparel-based sustainability course to be offered at the University of Arkansas in the Apparel Merchandising and Product Development program and proposing a syllabus based on this need, this study was able to make justification for adding the course to the curriculum. Justification was based on a review of apparel-based sustainability topics regarding both the relevant issues and innovations as well as how comparable universities were incorporating sustainability-related courses into their apparel degree curriculum. If this course were to be available to students, this new accessibility of information to the students could have a positive effect on the impact these students are able to make on the industry itself. It would allow for students to look outside the realm of the information they typically receive regarding the apparel and textile industry and discover new passions and possibilities.


apparel, sustainability, apparel and textile industry, curriculum