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Bachelor of Science in Human Environmental Sciences

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Apparel Merchandising and Product Development


Hubert, Stephanie

Committee Member/Reader

Hixson, Sarah

Committee Member/Second Reader

Wood, Lisa


This creative project takes a closer look at the dynamic relationship between Contemporary Art and fashion within the context of Generation Z. There is a noticeable influence Contemporary Art has on the fashion choices Generation Z makes, but a gap exists in scholarly exploration of this topic. This study aims to bridge this gap and investigate further the multifaceted influences of Contemporary Art on the fashion preferences and trends among Generation Z, mainly their preference for maximalism within their clothing choices.

Throughout this project, an analysis of Generation Z’s distinct attitudes towards fashion and art takes place, emphasizing their draw towards visual experiences and technology. This research also underscores the role museums take in attracting larger audiences both in person and online and how this exposes Generation Z to more Contemporary Art exhibits. The integration of art within fashion and its appeal to Generation Z consumers is also explained during this project. Through all of these points, this study aims to explore how Contemporary Art aesthetics and concepts spread through fashion designs and reflect Generation Z’s desire for authenticity and self-expression through their clothing.

Alongside the research, a creative project takes place that illustrates how Contemporary Art affects fashion in Generation Z today. Each design sketch is based on a piece of art straight off the walls of Crystal Bridges or The Momentary, both located in Bentonville, Arkansas. The art pieces chosen are all considered Contemporary Art and take on many forms. The pieces explored are The Reenactment with Nike Air Jordans After the Last Supper by Yvette Mayorga, Infinity Mirrored Room – My Heart is Dancing into the Universe by Yayoi Kusama, Programmes Piratès by Petra Cortright, Mazda by Sam Gilliam, and Human One by Beeple.


Contemporary Art, Maximalism, Fashion, Influence, Generation Z