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Bachelor of Science in Human Environmental Sciences

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Apparel Merchandising and Product Development


Cheramie, Lance

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Apple, Laurie

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Whitehead, Isabel


The apparel industry can be divided into two categories, fast fashion, and luxury fashion. It’s no secret that the apparel industry has a negative impact on our world in terms of sustainability, greenwashing, pollution, and human rights issues. Although the entire apparel industry plays a role in this, fast fashion seems to be at the forefront of these issues. It is necessary to understand the growth and consumer obsession with fast fashion in order to grasp its negative impact. In the same way, understanding the importance of luxury fashion to the consumer, along with the strides being made by luxury fashion companies to combat the apparel industry’s lasting and detrimental impact on our environment. By conducting research comparing fast fashion and luxury fashion, vital information will be gained to call attention to this issue. In order to fully understand the comparable differences between fast fashion and luxury fashion, a specific comparison between the luxury fashion company, Gucci, and the fast fashion company, Shein, will be conducted using tangible reports and available company information. To visually express the damage fast fashion has on the environment, a creative advertisement campaign has been created. This advertisement campaign, in theory, is meant to be from a luxury fashion company urging a fast fashion company to become more sustainable. This research and information are meant to serve as a benchmark for further research to be done and will allow for awareness and attention to be brought to the issue while explaining and addressing two vital components in the apparel industry.


Fast fashion, luxury fashion, sustainability, fashion, environment