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Bachelor of Science in Agricultural, Food and Life Sciences

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Animal Science


Yancey, Janeal

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Vierck, Kelly

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Owens, Casey


The objective of this study was to explore different type of retail cases and case environments, primarily lighting, to quantify the impact on shelf life. Coarse ground 80:20 beef from a local retail establishment was acquired between 7 and 10 d from the box date and fine ground through a 9.5 mm grinder plate, and then formed into 150.25 g patties with an automatic patty forming machine. Each patty was then individually packaged in PVC-overwrap packages and randomly assigned to one of the four different treatments: open, multideck cases with 3000 K lighting (OPEN3000),open 3500 K lighting (OPEN3500),enclosed, multideck cases with doors with 3000 K lighting (DOOR3000), and enclosed, multideck with doors at 3500 K lighting (DOOR3500).Patties were displayed for 7 d and instrumental color values (CIE L*, a*, and b*) were taken every 24 h. Data were analyzed as a 2 x 2 factorial arrangement with repeated measures, case type, lighting intensity, and their interaction serving as fixed effects. Patties in DOOR cases possessed greater L* values (P< 0.05) than OPEN cases on d 3 of display. A similar trend existed for a*, where DOOR patties were redder (P<0.05) than OPEN patties from d 2 to the end of display. b* values were higher (P< 0.05) in DOOR cases from d 1 to d 4 of display. Patties from the DOOR cases also possessed increased chroma values (P< 0.05) from d 1 to 6 of display and decreased (indication more red) hue angle values from d 3 to the end of display. No differences were observed between lighting intensity for any trait evaluated (P ≥0.293). These results indicate patties placed in enclosed retail cases with doors are lighter, redder, and more intense in color during display compared to traditional open-front cases, which indicated color stability.


color, color stability, ground beef, lighting, retail display, service learning