Date of Graduation


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Bachelor of Science in Agricultural, Food and Life Sciences


Animal Science


Kidd, Michael T.

Committee Member/Reader

Orlowski, Sara K.

Committee Member/Second Reader

Liu, Sonia Y.


This experiment was conducted to compare the effects of different diet compositions on performance and carcass yield of male broilers from 15 to 36 days of age. In total, 593 male birds were divided across a randomized design that consisted of 6 dietary treatments, each with 8 replications. The treatments included pelleted diets that varied in grain type and crude protein (CP) value: 3 sorghum-based diets at 20%, 18.75%, and 17.5% CP and 3 corn-sorghum blended diets at the same CP levels. CP amounts impacted only body weight gain and feed conversion rate while feed intake only differed with grain source (P


Diet compositions, broilers, pelleted diets, grains, crude protein