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Bachelor of Science in Agricultural, Food and Life Sciences

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Animal Science


Jogan, Kathi

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Coffey, Ken

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Rogers, Lauren


Balance plays an integral role in the healthy equine hoof, yet there is a significant deficiency of research investigating horse owner and trainer knowledge of hoof balance. This study aimed to pilot test an online survey instrument evaluating horse owner and trainer perceptions of proper hoof care and balance. The survey instrument sought to collect demographic information of horse owners and trainers, determine horse owners’ and trainers’ abilities to identify ideally balanced equine forehooves, and assess horse owner and trainer knowledge of best hoof trimming and shoeing practices. Ninety-one horse owners and trainers with facilities that were within a 150-mile radius of the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville campus, were identified and subsequently contacted to participate in the study, nine of which fully completed the survey instrument over a two-week period. Survey results indicated that horse owners and trainers were able to correctly identify ideal forehoof balance when presented with a solar surface diagram; however, when presented with lateral diagrams of front hooves, respondents were less able to identify ideally balanced forehooves. Findings suggest that horse owners and trainers need education on best trimming and shoeing practices, including proper trimming intervals and when to trim the frog of the hoof. Because of the small sample size (N=9), the results of this study are not generalizable to the population. Future studies with larger sample sizes should seek to confirm these results and further identify hoof care and balance knowledge deficits.


hoof balance, equine hoof balance, horse owner survey