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Bachelor of Fine Arts




Slone, Ryan

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Bradley, Amy

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Benbrahim, Dina


It is impossible to think about culture in the past two decades without referencing social media. My generation, commonly known as Gen Z (born between 1997-2010), has been on the forefront of social media development. One of the first generations to grow up with some form of unfiltered online social experience, Gen Z has been hard wired to consume media. While using social media alongside my peers, I have observed a problem that has resulted from this: mass consumption. A mass consumption of food, beauty products, home decor, and clothing in particular. On social media we see hundreds of videos of hauls and shopping sprees. This phenomenon is terrible for the environment. The fashion industry is one of the leading polluters in the world, as well as depending on exploitive labor practices. This paper researches how social media and the fashion industry work together to fuel consumerism and creates a possible solution for Gen Z consumers.


Fashion, Social Media, Graphic Design, Consumerism