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Technical Report

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Ground-water quality, best management practices, non-point source management


The purpose of the project is to evaluate the effectiveness of Best Management Practices (BPMs) in preventing non-point source contamination of the ground-water resources in the karst terrane of northwestern Arkansas. Limestone and dolomite aquifers in the region are highly vulnerable to contamination. Ground-water studies performed in the region during the last two decades indicate degradation of these carbonate aquifers by nutrients and bacteria. The expeditious growth of the poultry industry during this period, in combination with the inordinate population growth of the region constitute a threat to the ground-water resources from both point sources and non-point sources of contamination. Potential point sources of nutrient and bacterial contamination of ground water in this region include residential septic systems, discharges from sewage treatment plants up-gradient of losing stream segments, and sewage sludge disposal sites. Non-point sources of nutrient and bacterial contamination are attributed to the disposal of poultry and Livestock waste.

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