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Arkansas, salt water, ground water


The papers and abstracts in these proceedings are the result of a joint conference of the Arkansas Water Resources Center (A WRC) with the SouthCentral Section of the Geological Society of America. The joint conference was a success with about 250 participants. A WRC sponsored two sessions on Environmental Hydrology and a short course titled "Hydrogeology and Geochemistry of Salt Water Contamination." The Environmental Hydrology presentations covered wide-ranging topics that reflect the diversity of the environmental settings across Arkansas. Topics ranged from salt water and critical ground water issues in the Delta to endangered species and interbasin ground-water recharge in the Ozark Mountains. Other topics covered aspects of source water assessment of public drinking water supplies, water sampling strategies, and constructed wetlands. These topics are excellent examples of the work that state and federal agency water scientists and A WRC affiliated researchers are conducting to provide information that will allow for better management and protection of our water resources. We are very fortunate to have these dedicated scientists working in Arkansas.

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