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Irrigation water management, irrigation water quality, soil testing, geographic information systems, global positioning systems, best management practices, erosion, runoff, crop yield


The major objective of this demonstration project was to assess the usefulness of Global Positioning Systems/Geographic Information Systems (GPS/GIS), water testing, soil testing and yield monitoring in a whole farm water and soil management plan. An important part of this objective was to make recommendations to increase crop productivity and decrease the potential for surface water degradation through erosion and runoff at the farm. The farm was located on 2400 acres in the Bayou de View watershed in Monroe County, Arkansas. The farm lies approximately five miles southwest of the town of Brinkley straddling Highway 17 just south of its intersection with County Road 302 and with U. S. Highway 70. Slightly over 2200 acres were under cultivation and this was generally in a 1 :2 ratio of rice to soybeans, with approximately half of the soybean fields double-cropped with winter wheat each year.

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