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Technical Report

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Ground water, water quality


An interactive method is presented for modifying a compromise solution to a multiobjective water resources planning stategy by changing constraining conditions on regional objectives and local variables. The method is illustrated by modifying a bicriterion, sustained groundwater withdrawal strategy for minimizing the cost of meeting regional water demand on the Arkansas Grand Prairie. The strategy was developed using a model in which the finite difference form of the two-dimensional groundwater flow equation is embedded in an optimization process. The quadratic optimization is accomplished by utilizing the General Differential Algorithm to obtain values of the drawdown, pumping rate, and recharge rate in each finite difference cell. Results from the formal optimization process are submitted to a separate program for interactive evaluation and modification. The interactive algorithm applies the constraint method and constrained derivatives of the objective function to develop the noninferior solution and tradeoff functions. The modification procedures is also used in determining the influence on the regional objectives for repeated changes in several local decision variables.

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