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Technical Report

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Periphyton, water quality, streams, substrate, flow


This research was designed to understand the structure of epilithic diatom assemblage of a first-to-third order stream system which has minimal variance in nutrient concentration, but significant differences in geomorphological character. The primary objective was to determine the importance of geological substrate on the structure of the diatom assemblages. The second objective was to examine the effect of flow on these assemblages, and the third part of the research was to develop a seasonal model of temporal and spatial annual succession. The temporal and spatial models represent the effect of seasons, stream order, substrate characteristics, storm events, and periods of lesser flow on diatom assemblages. Also, a compilation of the diatoms reported in the Ozark Highlands is included along with a determination of the similarity of the diatom flora in the study reach on the Middle Fork of the White River and other regional streams.

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