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Technical Report

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Algae, taxonomy, classification, habitat, lakes, reservoirs, streams


A data base of the algae of Arkansas ecoregions has been established by the use of a relational data base management system (dBase III plus). The system was chosen to be readily available for a variety of microcomputers using MS- and PC-DOS. The data base contains taxonomic fields from division through variety, synonymy, authors, initial description, date and definitive descriptive source. The data are cross-referenced by ecoregion, Round's community and subcommunity designations. The data base contains approximately 1,500 taxonomic records in all divisions and classes of freshwater algae. The data are sortable by any of the included parameters. The data have been used to initiate the publication of the algal flora of Arkansas. The listing of the Cyanophyta/Cyanobacteria or blue-green algae is presently available. Other taxonomic lists are in preparation.

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PUB 126