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Technical Report

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Algae, taxonomy, classification, habitat, lakes, reservoirs, streams


A data base of the algae of Arkansas has been initiated by the selection of a relational data base management system. The system was chosen to be readily available for microcomputers using MS- or PC-DOS. The initial parameters chosen for entry are associated with the classification of the organisms from Class to the Variety level with author and year of initiation. Further annotation includes identification source. Presently, the data base of 1,162 taxa includes 226 Cyanophyceae, 367 Chlorophyceae, 124 Euglenophyceae, 26 Xanthophyceae, 81 Chryso- phyceae, 279 Bacillariophyceae, 33 Pyrrhophyceae, 14 Cryptophyceae, and 5 Rhodophyceae. These taxa are sortable by any of the included parameters. The data base will be archived as a portion of the flora and fauna series of the state of Arkansas.

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PUB 114