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Water management, simulation, educational, electronic


One of the larger stumbling blocks to comprehensive water management is the lack of public understanding of the multitude of variables that operate at the same time within the hydrologic cycle. With more public understanding, there is greater public support for various water projects. Dr. John R. Amend from Montana State University developed a water management simulator which could handle a large number of variables simultaneously of natural surface and groundwater flow plus a number of water use variables on an accelerated time sequence. By using several remote control devices, participants can "control" their water use but have no control over other participants competing for the same water molecule. The purpose of this information transfer project was to demonstrate the use of the water management simulator and to begin to develop experienced teams of people from government agencies and academia to explain its operation to local professional and civic groups. The interest level is very high for the team members to learn about the operation of the water management simulator. The simulator demonstrations have been well received by various audiences.

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