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Stakeholders, Water Quality, Education and Outreach, Northwest Arkansas


Stakeholders impact water quality and have a responsibility to protect, maintain, and improve water quality throughout northwest Arkansas and watersheds everywhere. But unless the roles of responsibility and stewardship among all stakeholders is communicated clearly and repetitively, there will be little progress made towards maintaining and improving water quality, while lawsuits, blame, and inaction will persist. Thus, the overall goal of water quality education and outreach is to improve the ability of stakeholders to take care of their watershed by teaching them what actions are or are not beneficial for water quality protection, maintenance, or improvements. Specific outreach and education strategies need to be developed for specific stakeholder groups so that they can educated on what is being done and engaged in what they can do to be part of a solution. This document serves as companion material to MSC Publication 355, Final Report to the Illinois River Watershed Partnership: Recommended Watershed Based Strategy for the Upper Illinois River Watershed, Northwest Arkansas, however the content contained within this document is applicable to northwest Arkansas and other regional watersheds.

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