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Technical Report

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Groundwater level, monitoring, aquifer management, data acquisition


Water users in the Arkansas Grand Prairie wish to maintain sufficient groundwater levels to: insure adequate groundwater reserves for time of drought, protect themselves from litigation caused by wells going dry, and insure a sustained yield. Achievement of these goals requires regular measurement of groundwater levels. Review of monitoring practice and technology indicates that spring and fall measurements taken over the entire area using steel tape and acoustic device is preferred for most long range planning. Continuous monitoring is indicated for critical parts of the region where saturated thicknesses are small. Desirable attributes of a data collection/transmission system for such areas are as follow: Data should be stored in digital format on machine readable medium. Collection device should be installable in existing wells and not require special well construction. Device should be able to monitor pump status, and time and water level at programmable intervals. Device should be upgradable to be able to transmit data as it is collected. A system which has these capabilities was built. It consists of an acoustic probe, interface, computer and cassette recorder.

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