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Technical Report

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Water quality, clearcut sites, headwater streams, timber management


A long term study on the effects of clearcut forest harvest and regeneration was conducted in a representative watershed of the Ouachita National Forest. Fourteen water quality parameters were analyzed to characterize baseline water quality. Water quality was classified as excellent. A total of 350 quantitative benthic samples and 15 ultraviolet light trap samples yielded 173 species of macroinvertebrates. Mean densities of macroinvertebrates ranged from 4,800/m2 to 23,040/m2 and averaged 12,499/m2 in the upper Little Missouri River. Twenty-two quantitative collections of fishes were made at representative riffles and pools. The average biomass estimates for riffles and pools were 5.69 kg/ha and 16.66 kg/ha, respectively. The total numbers of individuals per hectare were higher in riffles than in pools. Lower standing crops were observed in a tributary stream. A Phase II study will evaluate and summarize the effects of clearcutting approximately 113.3 hectares of deciduous forest on water quality and aquatic life in the watershed.

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