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Insect species, habitat requirements, faunal


The impounding of the lower Caddo River to create DeGray Reservoir radically changed the water habitats in that portion of the Caddo River. A number of new and different habitats were created by the lake. The objective of this study was to determine what, if any, differences existed between the aquatic insect biotas of DeGray Reservoir and the upper Caddo River. Four collecting stations along the shore of DeGray Reservoir and four stations along the upper Caddo River were selected as sampling sites. Collections were made at one month (March, April, Oct., Nov.) intervals or at two week intervals (May, June, July, August, Sept.) from March to December of 1979. The data collected indicates that the upper Caddo River is approximately three times as rich in the diversity of taxa collected and the number of individuals collected as DeGray Reservoir.

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