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Springs, groundwater, Ouachita Mountains, aquatic faunal studie, aquatic invertebrates. aquatic vertebrates. aquatic ecology, Arkansas


Spring ecosystems in Arkansas have historically received little attention. A faunal survey was made of 33 springs located in the core area Ouachita Mountains physiographic province. The study area was 135 x 80 km extending west from Hot Springs, Arkansas to the Oklahoma line. Springs in the Ouachita Mountain physiographic province were characterized as generally faunistically poor with often a single species such as the isopod, Lirceus h. hoppinae, being the dominant faunal element both numerically and with regard to biomass. A total of 40 species of invertebrate species and eight vertebrate species were collected from the spring environs during the study. In addition, five invertebrate species (two amphipods and three caddisflies) were gleaned from a thorough literature search for a total of 53 species of aquatic invertebrates and vertebrates documented from springs in Ouachita Mountain physiographic province.

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