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Regulations, Permits, Water Quality, Illinois River, Watershed Conditions


Environmental regulations are put in place to protect the air, water and land from threat of pollution. Regulatory programs establish pollution limits, determine compliance, and enforce environmental laws and regulations for waterbodies within the watershed based on the designated uses for the individual waterbody. These established regulations make sure that the state’s mandatory standards for clean water and the minimum federal standards are being achieved. Environmental regulations are established on both the federal and state levels. On the federal level, Congress has authorized the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and other governmental agencies to create and enforce regulations. The EPA delegates authority on the state level to Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality and Arkansas Department of Health to determine appropriate regulations to waters and watersheds. This publication discusses established federal and state regulations, potential pollutant sources including wastewater, drinking water, stormwater, animal feeding operations, and reaches currently impaired by pollutants within the Upper Illinois River Watershed.

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