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Technical Report

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Arkansas, Beaver reservoirs, Degray reservoirs, biomass, zooplankton


Research during the year 1975-76 continued to emphasize studies of seasonal changes in patterns of zooplankton abundance and biomass in Beaver and DeGray Reservoirs. Zooplankton samples were taken monthly from three stations on Beaver Reservoir (Figure 1) during the period May 1975 through May 1976. Collections from DeGray Reservoir were made weekly from a single station (Station 1) during the period April 1975 through December 1975. Beaver collections were obtained by taking oblique tows using a Miller sampler equipped with no. 10 mesh. The DeGray program entailed stratified vertical samples taken at 5 intervals to 20 a and 20 m to 2 m off of the bottom using a 29.5 cm aperture Birge closing net equipped with no. 20 mesh.

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